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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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The Custody Match Consumer Satisfaction Solution
A Custody Match Certified Attorney (CMCA) member will need to meet all of our standards to qualify for membership through a divorce attorney screening process. A Custody Match certification or membership will only be issued to family law attorneys or divorce lawyers that have been screened and have met our highest level of standards.
Custody Match: Custody Match Certified Attorney (CMCA) - Memberships for Southern California Divorce Attorneys, Divorce Lawyers, Family Law Divorce Attorneys and Child Custody Attorneys for family law, divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, alimony, property division, modifications Custody Match Certified Attorneys (CMCA) are the only attorneys that qualify for our unique Consumer Satisfaction Solution (see details below). If you choose to retain a Custody Match Certified Attorney (CMCA) at, you can have confidence that Custody Match will make efforts to help you should you have a major billing dispute with your attorney, which is one of the most (if not the most) common types of complaints from consumers about their attorney.
Please note however, although Custody Match makes efforts to provide the highest quality divorce attorneys to consumers, no guarantees are made regarding an attorney and/or their services nor the outcome of your particular case.

Consumer Satisfaction Solution Overview
In an effort to provide consumers with the highest quality service for finding the right family law attorney in Southern California, Custody Match offers a unique Consumer Satisfaction Solution. Our satisfaction solution is unique because it is designed to help consumers work through one of the most, if not the most, common complaints and disputes that arise between consumers and attorneys, namely, attorney billing disputes. Consumers who retain a Custody Match Certified Attorney (CMCA) can receive up to two hours of free coaching services from Child Custody Coach®. Up to one hour will be spent reviewing your material and up to one hour spent in a one-on-one phone coaching session. Child Custody Coach® brings unique experience in helping parents on billing disputes with attorneys and has demonstrated proven success in California's Mandatory Fee Arbitration (MFA). For more information on California's Mandatory Fee Arbitration, filing a disciplinary complaint if you think an attorney's conduct should be reported (this is a separate from arbitrating your fee dispute) read the brochure provided by the State Bar of California "What Can The Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program Do For Me?" To qualify for the Custody Match Consumer Satisfaction Solution (two hours of service from Child Custody Coach), you must meet all the criteria in Section A, Section B, and Section C below. Please note, Child Custody Coach does not provide legal advice and makes no guarantees about your case. No guarantees are made about the outcome of ones particular case and you use any information obtained at your own risk. Before acting on any information you are advised to consult legal counsel for legal advice about your specific situation.

A. General Criteria
A.1) You presented your divorce and/or child custody case at
A.2) You retained a Custody Match Certified Attorney (CMCA) to represent you on the case already presented in A.1 above
A.3) You notified Custody Match that you presented your case and then retained a Custody Match Certified Attorney to represent you on that case by sending an e-mail to within 30 days of retaining the attorney
A.4) You have a copy of the attorney-client retainer agreement you signed
A.5) You have a copy of the billing statements you disagree with

B. Dispute Resolution Criteria
B.1) You made a first "good-faith" attempt to discuss and resolve fee complaint with attorney (i.e. phone, in-person, e-mail, letter, or fax)
B.2) You made a second "good-faith" attempt to discuss and resolve fee complaint with attorney (i.e. phone, in-person, e-mail, letter, or fax)
B.3) You have thoroughly reviewed your retainer agreement and billing statements

C. Child Custody Coach Meeting Terms and Conditions
C.1) You understand Child Custody Coach® and The Custody Coach® (collectively Child Custody Coach) is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice and any information provided to you should not be construed as legal advice
C.2) You understand Child Custody Coach only provides information, which is not be used as a substitute for the advice of competent legal counsel. You are advised to seek legal counsel for legal advice on your specific matter.
C.3) You understand that you are fully responsible for any choices you make with your attorney and you are fully responsible for how you choose to proceed with your dispute. You use any information obtained at your own risk.
C.4) You understand Child Custody Coach does not tell you what to do and what not to do.
C.5) You must sign and return a full release of liability and waiver and confidentiality agreement in its original form to Child Custody Coach before scheduling your coaching session
C.6) You will be responsible for calling in at the scheduled time and no make-up sessions are given
C.7) No guarantees are made about timeliness of appointment, availability, or outcome of your case.
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