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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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High-Asset Divorce California - High Asset Divorce Case, High Net Worth Divorce, Executive Divorce, Celebrity Divorce

Southern California Superior Court - Southern California Divorce Attorneys
High-asset divorce cases and high net worth divorce cases in California are often sophisticated in nature due to the amount of assets and property involved and the contention over how it will be characterized, valued and divided. Resolution on alimony (spousal support) and child support can also create challenges in divorces that involve high assets and net worth in California. When a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement is in place, it can also add to the level of complexity of the divorce and the need for an experienced high asset divorce lawyer. The handling of a high asset divorce case often entails additional privacy concerns, especially in celebrity divorces (i.e. Hollywood divorces and Beverly Hills divorces) when the case involves celebrities, entertainers, politicians and other pubic figures.

California is considered a community property state. This means all property acquired during the marriage while residing in the State of California is considered community property or marital property and is to be divided equally among the spouses. Marital debts or community debts, which are debts acquired during marriage, can also be divided equally or the court can award what is fair based upon who has the financial ability to pay. Separate property is not included in the division of marital or community property under California divorce law. Separate property may include the following:
  • Property acquired prior to marriage
  • Property acquired by inheritance or by gift
  • Property acquired in exchange for property acquired prior to the marriage
  • Property acquired in exchange for property acquired by gift, bequest, devise or descent
  • Property acquired after a decree of legal separation
  • Property that is excluded in a written agreement such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement
In order to divide property and assets in a California divorce steps should be taken to determine the characterization and value of the property as follows:
  • A determination as to the characterization of the property such as whether the property is "community property", "separate property", or "quasi-marital property
  • A determination as to the value of the property which may be done by mutual agreement on the value or by appraisal
  • A division of the community property after the property has been characterized and valued
Because there is generally more property and assets involved in a high asset divorce, agreement on the characterization, value and how the property is to be divided can be extremely challenging and contentious. Stock portfolios, bank accounts, real estate investment properties, business ownership, pensions, 401k retirement funds for example can contribute to the complexity in settling or litigating a California high asset divorce case. High asset divorce cases are particularly unique in that they often require the high asset divorce attorney or high asset divorce lawyer involve in the case have experience working with other professionals such as CPAs, forensic accountants, and business and home appraisers in order to protect a client's interests and rights.

An experienced high asset divorce lawyer, celebrity divorce attorney or Hollywood divorce lawyer in California will have experience handling complex community property litigation and settlement issues such as the following:
  • Business valuations
  • Moore-Marsden calculations
  • Cash-outs
  • Stock portfolios
  • Home equity increase on the marital home
  • Real estate property, investment property, vacation homes, timeshares
  • Finance, tax and debt issues in divorce
  • Gifts and Inheritances in divorce
  • Retirement funds and 401k savings plans in divorce
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) and pension valuation
  • Reservation of jurisdiction
  • Protecting businesses and professional practices
  • Preserving investments in divorce
  • Preserving assets in divorce
  • Overseas investments and overseas assets
  • Uncovering hidden assets in divorce
  • Delayed compensation for executive level income
  • Life insurance policies in divorce
  • Debts and liabilities in divorce
  • Settlements and litigation involving prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements
  • Child support and spousal support, alimony in divorce
  • Community property, separate property, laws, rights and litigation in divorce
Whether you are a Hollywood entertainer or celebrity involved in a celebrity divorce or Beverly Hills divorce or are a CEO, CFO, or executive of a multi-million dollar company, a doctor, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a politician, or a spouse of a high-status or high net worth professional going through a divorce, it is important that you consult with an experienced high asset divorce attorney to help you protect your rights and assets.

Featured High-Asset Divorce Attorneys & Divorce Lawyers
Attorney Stacy D. Phillips   Century City, CA
Certified Family Law Specialist and high-profile celebrity divorce lawyer. (310) 277-7117
Attorney Natt Portugal   Century City, CA
High-asset divorce attorney versed in mediation and dispute resolution. (310) 867-2724
Kelly Chang Rickert   Los Angeles, CA
Certified Family Law Specialist and high-asset divorce lawyer. (323) 393-5669
Law Offices of Garrison Klueck   San Diego, CA
High-asset divorce attorney and legal councel in San Diego. (619) 448-6500
To present your case to high-asset divorce attorneys or high asset divorce lawyers in your area in Southern California now, click here.

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