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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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California Divorce Records > Riverside Divorce Records

Riverside Divorce Records - How to Request or Get Copies of Riverside Divorce Records from the Riverside County Superior Court

Requesting copies of your Riverside Divorce Records for a divorce in Riverside California can be done through the Riverside Superior Court or online through the court's online Public Access tool.

Disclaimer: Before acting on any of the information provided on this page, please contact the Riverside court records department to get the most up-to-date information, costs, and how you should go about requesting copies of your records.

For more information from the Riverside court click here.

Riverside Divorce Records Online
The Riverside Superior court encourages parties to conduct their own records search through the court's Open Access system. Detailed instructions on performing a records search are available on the court's website here.

Riverside Divorce Records In-Person or By Mail
You can obtain Riverside divorce records via mail or in-person through the court clerk’s office. If court staff is asked to complete the records search and the search takes more than 10 minutes, a fee of $15 will be accessed pursuant to Government Code section 70627(c). Copy, certification, and postage fees are also applicable. Copies are 50 cents per page. Certification fee is $25. You'll want to mail a request for copies to the office where the record is located, along with appropriate fee. For additional information and to download the Riverside divorce records search form click.
If you need legal advice or legal information about your Riverside divorce case you'd do well to consult with a Riverside divorce lawyer.
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